What Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Says About You


That’s right, folks. It’s that time of year again. Whether you have to hound down a local Girl Scout Troupe for their last box of Thin Mints or are bombarded at every turn by the cute little brown sashes, we all know the feeling of holding, opening, and finishing a box of Girl Scout Cookies. Now what does your favorite one say about you?

1. Peanut Butter Tagalongs.

If you prefer this chocolate and peanut butter treat, you most likely have a sunny and bright personality, with a little extra kick. This combination of positivity and energy radiates day to day and you are well known for bringing good ideas to the table. Sometimes, others will think they’ve had enough of you, but quickly decide that could never be true.

2. Trefoil/Shortbread.

You’re simple, sweet, and go with the flow. You’re probably a basic white girl that likes her tall non-fat mocha with whip, but that doesn’t stop you from putting a smile on someone’s face. Nothing out of the ordinary with you — no surprises — and that’s exactly why people love you.

3. Do-si-do.

You are honest, blunt, and to the point. No beating around the bush with you! Yet despite your brute, deep down you have a soft spot. You will go to the ends of the earth for those you love. In return, those who you trust and love are truer than true to you, and only you!

4. Samoa.

You complicated, little cookie. You have so much going on at once, but everything always seems to fall together. You have intensity in your emotions, passion for others, and drive for any goal you have in life. If there is something you want, you’ll get it; whatever you choose to do, you’ll be a pro at it.

5. Thin Mints.

You undeniably have the it factor. Everyone just loves you. It could be your charm, your humor, or your kindness — maybe a combination of the three! You leave your mark on anyone you come in contact with. You have the ability to persuade others without even trying and you always try your best to impress, but quite honestly? You don’t need to; you have got it all.