The 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When You’re Questioning Your Relationship


In the most climactic moments of a relationship, lovers are sometimes caught up in an intersection. The difficulties of the ride cause them to weigh in about their future and hesitatingly ask questions such as: “Is she worth the pain and the anxieties?” or “Does he love me to the point of marrying me?” As much as love is an emotion, there is always the play of practicality and futuristic decisions that influence it. However, these matters of the mind must not overshadow the individuality of the bliss that love generously provides a person. If then we reach this point in our relationship when we try to find answers to our worries and anxieties, these are some of the perspective-driven and subjective questions that we could be curious of:

1. “If ever we break up, do I have the capability to still stay loyal to the love I professed to have?”

If your answer to this question is a no, then definitely that person you are with is not worth it and neither is you to him. Being faithful in a relationship is not really given towards your partner, rather is applied to the love that we vowed we have. If the thought of your partner leaving you makes you want to kill him, then maybe you are just in love only with the romantic idea of being with him. Loving should be without conditions so it is a requisite that if your partner wants out, you let him be. If your partner found someone who he thinks would replace you in his life, you let him be. One cannot be in love with two persons at the same time. So why would you waste your time with someone who does not love you anymore? Feeling some hints of bitterness and anger is normal when you let go. But if you really love that person, stay loyal to the love that you professed to him by not forcing yourself to him and letting him be happy.

2. “Do I love him because he is filling every gap and hole in my life?”

The right answer to this question can be a yes or a no. Truthfully, a person who can provide your needs and wants is a keeper. No man is an island, they say. One cannot be independent everyday in his life. But what if that same person cannot fulfill your expectations and you feel like he is constantly disappointing you? Will you still love that person? Love should not be based on logic and practicality. If you enter a relationship because you think that that person is the ultimate supplier of your needs in the future, then do him a favor and let him be happy with someone else.

3. “How in the world did I fall in love with this person?”

There’s no answer to this question. If someone asks you this one, and you reply with a sincere confusing silence, then you truly love that person. There’s no definitive explanation on how we fall in love. This is a because love is a spontaneous solitary affair. Those fleeting moments when you both talk about meaningless topics that still makes sense to you, or maybe that instance when he aimlessly looked at you and you said to yourself, “Hey, this is my future” could be the start of the spontaneity of your relationship. After all, a firework starts with a single spark coming to life.