The 3 Most Important Relationships You’ll Have In Your Life


We all go through those relationships in primary school when a boy’s friend runs up to you and ask you ‘Do you want to be *boys name*’s girlfriend?’  You giggle ‘Yes’, you play with them a few times. Perhaps receive your first hug, kiss or gift, then he likes someone else and so do you and it magically ends for something else to start. Times were so much more simple weren’t they?

The problem is as life progresses there are so many elements that begin to make it seem that little bit less simple year after year. But really it is still simple you need to take away the emotions and go back to basics to reveal the true message the universe is trying to send you. “With each end is a new beginning”

 There are 3 major types of relationships in your life and if you find the right one the first time, you’re lucky, very lucky. But majority will need to go through these 3 steps before life really falls into place. 

1. The right one at the wrong time.

This is the relationship we all have, the perfect boy/girl who makes you happy, you grow with them, you learn with them, they make you happy but then there is too much living to do so you go your separate ways telling yourself ‘there’s too much living to do, you can find this again one day, maybe.’ You smile and wave not knowing that by not embracing what you had, you just entered the most difficult phase of your life.  

2. The wrong one at the right time.

Now this is the relationship that rips you up, turns you inside out, teaches you who you are, who you want to be and what you’re not. The relationship when you are 110% ready to close the chapter and start a new one but the page just won’t turn. This is the relationship where you learn, my god do you learn. You learn what you like, love and hate. You learn how to be brave, forgiving, honest, strong, rude, sad, mad and happy all at the same time. This relationship will turn your world upside down and inside out to only lead you in the right direction. (Which may I add is not backwards!) It will lead you to the 3rd and final most important relationship in your life, the one you ‘thought’ you had but really how could you have this until you find out who your truly are.

3. The right relationship at the right time. 

This relationship comes only after the first 2. This relationship is the one you have with yourself. It’s where you learn to find your morals, your values, who you are and who you aren’t. The past seems to all fit together to perfectly make a puzzle you had been trying to finish for so long. You finally just love yourself for all you are, all you’ve done and all you want to do. This is the most important relationship you’ll have in your life. For only after this relationship will you attract ‘the one’ who compliments the relationship you are currently in. 

Too many of us are chasing someone to ‘complete us’ not recognizing the track life has you on to ‘complete yourself’ to embrace your 3rd and final relationship so that the show can go one. Those out there in number 2 trust me, the show does go on its just time to run as fast as you can into number  because only after you complete yourself does life begin to get truly amazing.