The 10 ‘S Words’ Every Guy Should Avoid At All Costs When Looking For His Dream Woman


1. Shallow

He doesn’t like a shallow woman. She thinks only of appearance and that’s all she cares about. She doesn’t look beyond the surface and gets to know someone more than just how they look or what they use. She’s too materialistic.

2. Simple-minded

She doesn’t keep up on events. She’s not interested in what is going on in the world out there. That shows through her interactions with other people that she has nothing to share.

3. Shitty

She is purposely petty and full of pessimism. She has so much negativity and bitterness in her life.

4. Slow

Though a guy is usually appreciative of a woman’s time and effort she puts in to look nice for him, being too slow and taking too much time to get ready every single time is too much. Over 90% of guys agree that they prefer less or no make up on their woman.

5. Slutty

Being flirtatious is nice and fun, but too much of flirting, especially with other guys, is not. No guy likes to share his woman, even visually, with other men.

6. Stuck up

She thinks of herself as better than others. She thinks she’s superior in every single way to other women out there. She usually becomes condescending and snobbish.

7. Self-important

This is similar to self-centered. She thinks only of herself, her benefits, her gain, what she will get out of each situation.

8. Smelly

This one goes both ways, either too much perfume or no hygiene. Men definitely use all their senses when they look at a woman and approach her. Scent is definitely a make or break for his interest. Bad breath is also a turn off.

9. Severe

Though every once in a while everyone has a serious moment in life, being too intense all the time is unacceptable. Men always want to have fun around their women. What kind of fun will he have if he’s around a severely intense woman?

10. Scheming

Let’s admit it, women are usually great at manipulating their men, but mostly in a flirtatious and harmless way. The trick is not to let him know it. Guys do not like to be manipulated especially if it is so obvious. They take it as an insult to their intelligence.