The 10 Commandments Of Pastel Hair


Pastel hair is still all the rage. If you’re tempted by the colorful images that adorn your Pinterest and Instagram feeds, you aren’t alone. But before you slap a cape on yourself and get ready to DIY it up in your bathroom, arm yourself with these commandments – the holy law of Pastel Hair.


1. Thou shalt not wash thy hair more than twice a week.

If you’re used to washing your hair every day, or even every other day, get ready to kiss that routine goodbye and point yourself towards a faster primping process. Nothing will ruin your pretty rainbow locks faster than over-washing. Invest in an old-lady shower cap, or just throw that messy hair in a bun when hopping in the shower.

2. Thou shalt purchase at least five bottles of dry shampoo.

If you read number one and immediately panicked because your hair needs to be washed often – relax. Dry shampoo is going to become your new BFF. For the uninitiated, you are about to have your life changed and your mind blown. Get ready to cut your getting-ready time in half.

3. Thou shalt use cold water when washing thy hair (sporadically of course.)

When you do get around to washing your hair (but no more than twice a week, remember) – always use cold water. Yeah, this might feel a little bit like self-punnishment, but the reward is a longer-lasting color. Hot water opens up the hair cuticle and is a surefire way to say bye-bye to your cotton candy mane. So, suck it up and get ready for your bi-weekly ice bath.

4. When in doubt, thou shalt seek assistance of a professional.

Look, there are some pretty enticing DIY tutorials lurking in the far corners of the Internet. (See Commandment #7.) However, achieving pastel hair is typically a multi-step process, and one that’s best left in the hands of a professional. Yes, you’ll have to shell out some hefty cash, but the upside is that you won’t look like a 15-year old on her way to Hot Topic. The choice is yours.

5. Thou must have patience when going from dark to light.

If your hair is on the darker side (and especially if you don’t have virgin hair), you’d better clear your schedule. You can probably watch an entire “Lord of the Rings” movie in the time it will take your stylist to bring you to your desired hue. Get comfy and prepare to wait.

6. Thou must repeat to self: “I am not Katy Perry, I am not Katy Perry, I am not Katy Perry.”

Or Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson, or Kylie Jenner. The point is that your own pastel hair might look different from what you’ve seen online. Keep an open mind and don’t expect to walk out of the salon #twinning with your favorite celeb.

7. Thou shalt not be tempted by Kool-Aid DIYs on Pinterest.

I know, I know. It’s really tempting to reach for the Kool-Aid packets when you see images like these. Just remember – for every seemingly flawless Pinterest photo, there are dozens of Pinterest fails. I think we can all agree – leave the Kool-Aid in the kitchen, or the 90’s.

8. Thou shalt wear a top-knot or side braid at least once a week.

What’s the point of having pastel hair if you don’t create awesome hairstyles? Nothing looks cooler in a side braid than multicolored strands. You’ll feel like a model with your rainbow hair twisted into a top-knot. Instant fashionista status!

9. Thou shalt resist the #GrannyHair trend.

You may think #GrannyHair is the soul-sister of pastel hair, and visually, it might seem that way. But look harder. Granny hair is not pastel hair’s sister – not even close. Maybe they are cousins…twice removed, through marriage. Maybe. Granny hair is one of those things that sounds great in theory but is just kind of weird in practice, like a “Boy Meets World” spinoff.

10. Above all, thou shalt find beauty in the fading process.

Embracing the inevitable is important in life – we cannot go through life fearing what is ultimately unavoidable. In the case of pastel hair, that dreaded thing is the fading process. No matter how well you take care of your color, it will fade eventually. The question is – how quickly will it fade? The slow return to a colorless blonde can also look pretty fierce – it’s just a matter of how you choose to rock it.