Thank You Teaching Me To Love Myself


This letter was written for a person who helped me understand the true meaning of love, which later attracted the real love of my life. Trust the process and enjoy the journey.

I liked that you did not have to try.

You were just you.

But what I did not like was that you did not even try.

Try to make it work.

I guess there was not enough hope, faith, or love.

Hope. There was no hope.

From the beginning, you already saw the end.

While that was my usual job.

Faith. There was no faith.

Faith in finding something pure and raw.

Maybe this was all for me and not you.

Maybe I was supposed to re-experience this

To realize the bland of a life that I was living.

Being stuck in the mundane.

Raw. Because I have not been myself lately.

I was experiencing the raw of exposure,

and not the raw of new.

So I liked you.

G-d knows I have tried not to.

But that was pointless.

Because we should all experience this.

Not avoid or downplay our emotions.

We are humans and we were created to create.

These exact feelings create new experiences and new opportunities.

I liked that I was easily vulnerable.

And that I have not shut myself from it.

It does not seem so hard as I once thought it was.

Those who say it is, are speaking out of fear.

At one point I was scared and confused.

Thinking I gave you my all…and for what?

What now? But then I realized that was not true.

I might have given you my time, mind, and body.

But I am continuously growing and evolving.

Therefore, there is more to me than I knew or thought I knew.

More of me that you might not know or get to experience.

So thank you. Thank you for showing me what it is to love.

To love myself.