Terrifying But True: 10 Facts You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know


1… Anywhere from 25-50 serial killers are walking around in the USA right now.

It’s estimated that there’s somewhere around 25-50 serial killers that are active each year in the US.


2… You will walk past 36 murderers in your lifetime.

On average, you will walk past 36 murderers in your lifetime. Hopefully the next time you do go past one, they’ll say, “no not that one, too good looking.”


3… A one-inch wooden door is all that separates you from all the world’s murderers.

The door separating you from any and all murderers in the world is only about an inch of wood and barely an obstacle to someone that is determined to murder you in your own home.


4… Three days without food will turn you into a murderer.

Your average person is only 9 missed meals away from becoming a violent lunatic.


5… You likely have cancer right now.

Cancer is extremely common. You likely have cancer right now. The only things stopping you from going terminal are your immune system and more cancer. That’s right: cancer can get cancer that kills the cancer.


6… Pandemics come in waves.

Many pandemics come in waves and more people died in the second wave of the spanish flu than the first.


7… Leech eggs can hatch inside you.

Leech eggs are so small you can’t see them. You can swallow hundreds of them if you fall into the wrong body of water. Even if you don’t swallow, they can get into your eyes, ears, up your nose. They hatch and feed off you.


8… You will forgotten forever.

Someday, one last person will remember you for the last time; and from that day forward, no one ever will.


9… The heat death of the universe is coming.

The heat death of the universe. Eventually, all energy will turn into heat energy and everything will cease to exist….There is no stopping it….There is no escaping….Every star will go out and all energy will turn into heat and spread out and become unusable. Apparently, the person who discovered the heat death of the universe couldn’t take it and killed himself.


10… We’re either completely alone in the universe…or we’re not.

The one that I remember most often is this one:

“Either we are completely alone in this universe, or we are not.”