Tell Him You Love Him Before Someone Else Will


It’s not every day that he’s going to be there to plant kiss on your forehead and tell you how lovely you are, or pick you up when you’re stranded at a bar and unable to drive home, or surprise you with gifts on special occasions because he knows how quickly it makes your eyes squint with joy.

He is not always going to be around for you to only remember him when you feel bored and want someone to kill time with, or when your friends suddenly ditch you last minute and you don’t want entertain the thought that you’re alone, or when you’re upset about the world and need someone to listen.

Guys get tired; guys have soft feelings too, although it might not seem too obvious because they are good at hiding them. Every man will eventually reach a point when they give up, when they sigh loudly and tell themselves, “That’s it. I’m done,” when they shrug and walk away.

Believe it or not, a man can, and will cry because of a woman. And it’s not a sign that he’s weak or that society should disown him. It’s only a proof that he has loved; he has given his all, he has cared so much, probably too much, and he’s hurt.

See, it’s rare that you find a guy like that. A guy that is willing to put you first in his priority list. A guy with a love as big as his.

So take care of him. And never let him go. Do not hesitate to reciprocate all the good things he has done to you. The media has given you the expectation that a guy should provide you with everything without expecting anything in return, but that’s not always the truth.

The fact is, even if he barely admits he, he secretly craves the butterflies in his stomach to be freed, he wants you to tickle him when he’s having a rough day, he loves hugs out of nowhere, and little gifts and shows of affection.

So please tell him you love him and how much you appreciate him, how glad you are for being an important part of his life.

Tell him you love him because there will be a day, I promise you, when he senses how unimportant he is to you, and he’s going to stop making efforts for you.

Tell him you love him as long as there’s still a fire that ignites in his chest when he sees you, as long as he still finds a reason to fight for you. Don’t wait for the time when the sparks cool down and all that you have turns to ashes.

Tell him you love him before another girl sees how lucky she would be to have him as her man.

Lady, tell him you love him, and mean it with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your spirit, before somebody else will.

It’s bad to lose a guy, maybe even worse to lose the best guy, and the absolute worst if you let him slip through your fingers. Make him feel special. Say the words that allow him to fall for you more. Give him what he deserves, truly deserves. He needs that, too.