Surviving The Social Media Generation


The debate between whether social networking is good or bad will go on and on and on till eternity. It has brought people closer, of course, but it has also closed each one of us in a box. We cling so much to our devices that it’s almost impossible to live as it is without them.

We care so much about showing others how amazing our lives are, even when we’re practically torn apart from the inside. All of this, and for what? Just to look at our lit screens, sigh and hit like buttons? Honestly, I think we all know that humans are so much better than just this.

Life was good even when there weren’t 16MP cameras attached to our phones, or even when nobody had cell phones. Pictures were taken to create memories and cherish them, kind of why we had limited films on one roll and it took days for us to finally get our hands on the developed negatives. At school today, we were taught that premium brands hold their value. If they were made easily available, they would lose their authenticity. Isn’t that is what happening with the moments we capture? They were supposed to be for the days when we could look at them and relive the days, not to showcase it to the world what is up with our lives. Bare our souls so easily to the world that might not even care about us.

Lately everything has come down to this, for me at least, looking at random strangers, envying them, feeling bad about my own life and ending up depressed. I know it is crazy, but it is what it is. Utter Stupidity.

We’re so engrossed with the idea of putting ourselves out there for others to watch, do we actually put so much into what we do? Like really? It might seem like a perfect getaway for someone so grossly average, but when Selena Gomez says that, you have to admit that it holds sense. Why not put your beautiful minds and share your thoughts rather than being so superficial and showcasing your amazing bodies? And why care about what others think anyway?

It always takes me by surprise by how easily people can open up like that. I could never do that, it’s envious, but no. I could never let anyone in my life and letting them know everything about me. This is why my Instagram is so random – it’s about the things that I like, rather than me. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it, but let’s be more than just that. Let’s be not so self obsessed and look around for once. It’s a really beautiful world and will always be, even if you don’t capture it in your phone’s gallery.

Another reason why I’m not so pro on this is because today, when I finally had the chance to get know this person in my class better, I didn’t have anything to talk about. I’m not just blabbering for the heck of it, I’m saying this because we already know so much about someone already that asking them asking them what they did for New Year’s or what’s their current favourite song seems so out of the question. I genuinely felt that I could find a friend in her, and the one chance I had slipped away. Obviously yes, I don’t have to blame social media for it. I can any day go up to her and say hello, but my world works in different ways. I will never open my mouth until I’m sure that the other person really wants to listen to what I’m saying.

Maybe I’m only a hypocrite, maybe as soon as I’m done writing this, I’ll open my Instagram feed and go all over again or my Facebook or even Snapchat for that matter. This time, I won’t. I’ve been doing this for years and I was completely okay with it until recently, there have been things that upset me and I realized that I wasn’t going to let a phone screen rule my emotions. I got rid of what made me sad and I’ll do it again if I have to.

Being happy is what matters the most. Don’t let anything stop you from that – friends, family, and definitely not strangers (however hot or sexy they might be).