Strong Women Get Tired But They Never Give Up


Women are tired
We are strong and we are sure as hell graceful
And even when we are not graceful
We are allowed to not be.
To not be all these characteristics attached to the identity of what HE thinks makes a woman, a woman
We are tired
Do not mistaken this for submissive
But sometimes we are strong for too long
We are strong carried over from another lifetime
From our sisters, our mothers, our friends, our grandmothers
We are strong until our last days
We are strong
But we are so tired
We are multifaceted human beings
We can be wild
We can be sexy
We can be loud
We can be outspoken
We can be witty
We can be all of these things when we choose to be
When it is true to us
And we have every fucking right to be
You, man, have no right to harm the essence of a woman.
So I am not sorry
If I don’t please you, man
By ungraciously squeezing out of the box that you have so simply labeled ‘woman’
By being all that encompasses a true woman
By listening to my heart
By drumming to my own beat
By singing my own fucking song
By unifying with females alike
To build a divine female empire
That will teach you all that woman is and will continue to be
And teach you that for so long you were so heartbreakingly mistaken
For not embracing all the facets that so graciously encompass a free woman
May she wear her facets bright and proudly
And even when she is tired
May she continue to teach man what woman is.