‘Straight White Boys Texting’ Will Keep You Entertained For Hours


I was dabbling into the Bro world the other day and came across this outrageous tumblr. It’s called “Straight White Boys Texting”, and the blog is exactly what you think it is — straight white guys sending inappropriate texts to girls, falsely thinking said text was funny or a good advance. For example, take this #burn:

While I’m all for a good shaming, I’m not sure how I feel about this latest trend. Obviously it goes without saying that there are some boys who, as the tumblr title suggests, “need to be stopped.” But if we get to the point where every boy is afraid of being publicly shamed via text, does this not change the texting game entirely? There’s so much lack of context through text in the first place, do we really need another obstacle?

Food for thought. But check out the blog and decide for yourself. And remember, shame responsibly!