Stop Writing About People Who Do Not Deserve You


I’ve been in love before, fierce ones, at that. I’ve also been in relationships before, good and bad, tepid and hot ones. But in some way or another, nothing worked out and I’m still single AF.

I remember that in the moments when I knew that the person or the relationship wouldn’t work out for me, I went on a downward spiral of sadness. I was a corpse living in a normal body in broad daylight, smiling, chatting and working as per usual. And at night, I drink a little too much and write crappy sappy poems that a 16-year-old love-forlorn and angsty teenager would write, and maybe cry a little.

After so many similar sad episodes of the above, it’s starting to wear me out. It’s exhausting thinking about the same heartbreaker over and over again. We often write about those who broke our hearts, destroyed our souls and cracked our ability to open our hearts to love and trust again. We give them so much credit for our words, so much credit for making us sad and angry. And even though there is a beauty in writing about the same person using different words, perhaps it’s high time to find another topic to write about.

Not everyone who breaks us are terrible people, but there are more important people out there who love us, make us happy, and treasure us; family and friends, those who love us for who we are, those who would be there for us at our worst, and those who would hold our hair back after a rough night of drinks.

They are the ones who deserved to be written and talked about.

We’ve spent hours and hours thinking about the ones who left us. We deserve the right to do so to get over someone we once loved, so by all means, do whatever it takes to heal, do whatever you need to get over the past. But remember, for those who love us, they also deserve to be thought about, deserve to have their feelings considered, and deserve our time.

Our time here on earth is too limited to be wasted on people who don’t want us, don’t want to be with us anymore.

We should use the time wisely to love people instead of pining for them, to appreciate what we have instead of what we don’t have, and to give credit to those who love us and deserve our time instead of those who decide we aren’t important anymore.

So maybe it’s time to make a change. To stop writing and talking about those who don’t love us, and instead, focus our energies on the ones who do, the ones who truly deserve our words, love, and time. Because at the end of the day, we only have those who actually make the effort to stay, and they deserve credit for that.