Stop Living In The Past And Future, Live For Right Now


Once we become full-fledged adults, life goes fast and we become too caught up in the hustle and bustle to stop and appreciate life and all it has to offer. Before we know it, we’re 30-somethings that don’t understand how it all happened so fast. With that said, it’s hard to slow down our brains and be utterly and wholeheartedly present. Why is it so hard to let go on the past, while we also worry too much about the future? It seems silly really, because the only thing we can control at this moment is the present. Somehow, living in the present deems to be more difficult when really, it’s easier than we all think. The point is, is that living our lives right here, right now is a hard thing to achieve if we’re too busy looking behind us or too many steps ahead.

Ask yourself: why do we often live in the past, reminding ourselves of our regrets and our actions we wish we could change, when we can better ourselves and move on right here, right now? Why crave the future and for what’s to come when we need to get through today to even get there? Life is weird and this is just one of those moments that all of us have been suspect of at some point in our lives.

For example, looking back on a failed relationship and how it didn’t work out won’t help you move forward alone or with somebody else. Being too focused on things like that won’t let you live in the moment and will make you miss something good that passes you by. Our minds are a beautiful thing, but it can literally trick us into thinking things that simply aren’t true. Feeling hurt in a past relationship is normal, but when you consistently beat yourself up over it, it’s not good. One of the silver linings about this transition is that we can stop and figure out how to love ourselves again, before anyone else. It may sound like some foo foo bullshit, but it’s actually true.

Living in the past or the future won’t help anyone or anything. Now, that’s not to say that those thoughts will never fully go away because they were a part of our lives at some point. Focusing on a day at a time, learning, letting go and just living our lives is the key to everything. So enjoy those precious moments, love yourself and those around you, because it’s exactly what we all need.