Stars Remind Us To Keep Moving Forward


Ever look up at the night sky in the country side and wonder how many others are doing the same? Maybe that’s why there are so many stars. Each one holds the dreams of a person in a moment of hopelessness. Each time we gaze up at them, they remind us of possibilities.

They remind us of how many people are wishing for something, are longing for answers, are praying for an outcome.

Reminding us that no one is ever truly alone in anything they may be dealing with. Maybe that’s why they disappear each morning, to remind us that it’s all out of our hands. All of it. Maybe that’s why so many of us drive as far out of the city as we can, chasing the impossible, just to get a little closer look. Where the buildings don’t obstruct our views.

Where, for a moment, we can almost reach up and grab one but, we’re always unsuccessful. That never stopped us from trying. The night sky is such a tease. Dangling our weakest moments in front of our eyes, just close enough to gaze at. Reminding us that we are not in control here. We’re pieces of a very complex chess game or one huge puzzle.

We’re the snowman in the snow globe, simply not content in knowing our space isn’t as wide as it appears. More interested in what’s beyond the confinements of the glass. Maybe the stars in the night sky shine to show us the way, tease us into working. They shine to remind us that our deepest desires are just within reach , if you’re willing to extend your hand out and try.

Maybe that’s why the stars come out every night because most of us need the daily reminder to “reach for the stars” in every sense of the statement. Teaching us to always look up, look ahead and go beyond.