Sometimes You Have To Tell Someone How You Feel Before Someone Else Does


You can’t stop yourself from catching feelings. And the scary thing about it is the expectations that follow. You’d inevitably want to explore the feelings especially if you see a potential with the person.

But there’s always going to be that fear in you that’s holding you back. Rejection is hard to swallow and the thought of screwing up totally stops you from making the first move. But here’s the thing: you will never know the outcome unless you take the risk, a smart risk.

Before you decide to confess, remember that not every crush or infatuation should be explored. If the other party shows no interest in dating at the moment, don’t be ignorant by trying to push your luck. They might just be friendly to you out of courtesy. And don’t ignore the signs if they’ve made it very clear to you that they don’t feel the same way about you. Let it go and wait for someone else to come along.

Once you’ve found that someone and are ready to confess, make sure that you’ve mentally prepared yourself to be comfortable with the outcome. Be hopeful yet realistic at the same time. If the feelings are mutual, take your time to discover the person. It will always be exciting at the start but that’s only because you’re still trying to impress one another. The true colors will surface soon enough. That is when you’d know that things are getting more serious. Don’t panic. Take it as it is and enjoy the process.

On the other hand, rejection doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough for them. It could simply mean that the other party feels that there isn’t any potential for the both of you.

You might not have something that could fill the gaps or compliment them. We often like to see it only from our point of view. But we forget that the other party has feelings too and we should respect that.

Truth is when you develop feelings for someone, you’re threading into an exciting and yet terrifying journey. But if you want something to happen, be brave enough to make it happen. Nobody can read what is in your mind. Do it for yourself in order for your chest to feel lighter. The outcome might break your heart but it’s better than going to sleep every night with the “what ifs.”

So take the opportunity to express your feelings or someone else will.