Sometimes, The Universe Gives You The Closure You Need


Closure isn’t something we can demand and expect to receive.

Sometimes, we just have to forgive and focus on the lessons learned. Sometimes, we have to find the answers within ourselves to give us comfort. Sometimes, we have to distract ourselves so our minds don’t travel back to why we didn’t receive the closure we deserved. When we try everything we can to move on but still feel caught up in the closure we didn’t receive, we simply have to surrender ourselves to the Universe and hope closure will appear when it is meant to. We have to trust that the Universe, paired with time and patience, has our back.

Between not getting the closure we hoped to receive and actually receiving it, we can’t let it make us not want to move forward in life. We can’t let it deteriorate and debilitate us. We can’t let it prevent us from opening our hearts to people again. We can’t let it be the reason to not smile hard, laugh out loud, or live life with passion like we did before. No, we can’t let it dilute who we are – our beauty, personality, and charisma.

You see, sometimes, the closure we need comes to us discretely – it tiptoes into our life. It’s not always a conversation at a coffee shop to understand what went wrong after it went wrong. Sometimes, we receive it with grace when we let go of demanding it. Sometimes, we receive closure from different avenues when the Universe feels the person we are demanding it from isn’t capable of giving it to us in the way we deserve to receive it.

Sometimes, closure from the Universe doesn’t come in the form of hearing it from the person who didn’t give it to you in the first place. Sometimes, it comes with a different face, in a different place. Sometimes, we see it. Sometimes, we feel it.