Sometimes I Feel Like A Real Adult — And Sometimes I Still Feel Like A Lost Kid


So here’s the thing: I just graduated from college. I’m 22 years old. I have my bachelor’s and am in a lot of debt. Sounds typical, right? Like I should have it together?

Well yes, I should… but if I do is what’s up for interpretation. Here are the reasons I am not so sure I should be considered an adult:

1. I do not own a nail clipper. I am very unsure how I got this far without it, but I did.

2. I definitely should know what a 401k is but I don’t have the slightest idea.

3. I still use college as an excuse when I do things that are how you might say “ratchet.”

4. I have a security pillow that is essential to my sleeping (like a blankie, just a pillow instead.)

5. The other day I undercooked my ramen noodles. This is a double issue because A) I should learn how to actually have edible food in my house and B) after four years of college I should most definitely know how to cook ramen.

6. I am unfocused 75% of the time.

7. I just bought four new shirts and ¾ of them are already stained so that’s really good.

8. I am most definitely still afraid of commitment of many types.

9. Farts make me laugh.

10. I do not know how to curl my hair by myself.

11. My favorite movies are How to Train Your Dragon, Ratatouille, and Up.

12. My towels don’t match at all and are stained from my acne cream in a tie dye style.

13. My bedroom is perpetually messy.

14. I would say I have made my bed maybe 5 times since 2017 started and I’m not joking.

But on the other hand, I’ve gone through some shit and worked hard to get where I am now. There are a lot of things in my life that I have been very proud of and I have worked hard to become a better person. Reasons I most definitely should be considered an adult:

1. I recently got a new duvet cover (granted I got it for free and on loan from a friend but whatever.)

2. I have a real job (at a hospital) where I get to use a degree that I just spent four years working my ass off for!!!!!

3. I drink coffee on the daily, which is new for me.

4. I have dealt with both mental health issues of a close friend and myself.

5. I have lost someone I loved immensely.

6. I have had a mirage of jobs that have led to my ability to do my professional job well.

7. I have taken care of children for four days all by myself.

8. If I had more time (and money) I would most definitely be able to take care of a dog.

9. I have about 5 go-to recipes that I know will always impress guests.

10. The other day I told a bunch of people my own age that they needed to quiet down because I was trying to get some work done.

11. I would consider my emotional intelligence to be above average.

12. I really like wine, which would at least not be legal, if I wasn’t an adult.

13. I’m pretty good at fixing things. I think there are a few reason for this A) I am very determined B) proficient at google searching C) try and use my resources to solve problems.

14. I do not waste any more time than necessary worrying about the way I look or what people think of me.

15. I got through four years of a somewhat prestigious private college.

But all in all, I think there is a whole lot of reality about to hit me like a brick that will most definitely pop my bubble of ignorance.

Just know, to all my fellow graduates and young adults, it’s ok to still be a little childlike. It makes you more fun.