Sometimes, Giving Up On Love Is A Good Thing


We are living in a world where people use love as reason and defense while others drown themselves into depression and heartaches. They say that, “If you really love what you’re doing, you won’t get tired of it.” Same goes with the people we love. They have devised this belief that because we love them, we won’t get tired.

However, there must come a time where we will ask these things to ourselves: Do we love feeling less of ourselves? Do we love feeling left behind? Do we love seeing people use us? Do we love being taken for granted? Do we love to be the one always waiting and realizing there’s nothing to wait for?

Love is such a powerful word that it can turn dark to light and it’s a good thing. But what if it’s white being transformed into black? What if it is your old peaceful life being changed into chaotic and miserable life? Love can’t be a good thing when that happens.

We often forget that love is supposed to be a good thing. Love is supposed to be the reason we’re thankful for another day. Love is supposed to be our armor. Love is supposed to be our spring of hope.

Love is supposed to grant us genuine happiness.

Love is supposed to be in its most natural form where we are expected to give, care, understand and compromise. Love isn’t supposed to be the reason we die piece by piece. It isn’t supposed to be the reason why we slowly forget who we are and how worthy we are as a person.

It isn’t supposed to make us feel less because love, the greatest gift from Him, is our salvation.

So you don’t have to wait for others to tell you to give up. The key isn’t with them, it’s in you. You just have to simply give up and embrace the fact that going on is not always the only option.

Giving up doesn’t mean that love isn’t in your favor.

Giving up means you are taking a break. You are letting your heart take a rest. A rest that will be found in His arms, His protections and His revelations. Giving up will be your greatest blessing in disguise because you’ll see that after giving up, love will still find its way to you.

And this time, it’s real, overflowing and for a lifetime.