Sometimes All The Love In Your Heart Still Isn’t Enough For Him To Love You Back


Your intentions are pure and your heart is full of love to give, but you spend so much energy on trying to give your love to someone who doesn’t want it. You try everything you can to make them happy. You go the extra mile to do something small, just hoping they will appreciate your kindness, but often times your left feeling empty. All you do is give, while all they do is take. It’s an unhealthy cycle and you know it, but you still can’t walk away.

You can’t walk away because you’re hoping they will change.

You’re hoping they will let go of whomever they are holding onto and see how lucky they are to have you standing by their side through all their bullshit.

You want them to realize that you are worthy of their time and that they should never let you go.

But sometimes all the love in your heart still isn’t enough to win them over.

You try so hard to force something that isn’t there that you get lost in your actions and trick yourselves into feeling things that aren’t real. You get lost in your thoughts and dissect every little thing that they do, even though the reality of it is they aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary, but you cling to the idea that they might be.

Because clinging to the little ounce of hope you have that they might feel something for you is better than nothing at all.

You cling to the idea that they might like you, too. You cling to the idea that they are spending time with you or texting you. You cling to the idea that you’re meant to be, you just have to get through some road bumps along the way, but the truth is that there isn’t’ always a happy ending. There usually isn’t a happy ending.

You can love someone with all your heart, but that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to love you back because you can’t force love.

It’s hard and it’s complicated, but you will love people who just aren’t capable of loving you back. Just like you haven’t been capable of loving everyone back who has loved you.

Sometimes things don’t work out like we hope and plan in our head and the only thing we are left to do is let them go.

You can’t keep holding onto someone who isn’t there. You can’t keep running after someone who’s miles ahead, hoping you’ll eventually catch up. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is let them go.

Someone better will come along, I don’t know when, but they will make you forget everything you’re feeling right now. They will erase the heartbreak, they will cure the pain and they will make you remember what it feels like to smile.

But for now, stop hanging on, let them go and find it in yourself to move on.

You’re better off without them.

I promise.