Someday My Broken Heart Will Heal


Someday the cracks of my broken heart will heal. I’m thankful because I have known those intimate details about you. The ones that I will never forget. I know nothing will ever be the same anymore.

I may be writing something like this today, and years from now, I might be reminded of the same words, telling me everything will be okay. That what I am experiencing now will soon go away,  and I will meet that one person who will make everything all make sense.

I am thankful for all the things that happened which made me who I am today. As humans, we are looking for someone to appreciate what we do or notice those details that take so much of our time. 

I wouldn’t mind giving my all because I know I will have no regrets and my soul will be fulfilled. Someday I won’t mind that I gave too much, I’ll realize that at some point, I will receive what I deserve with the right person beside me.

Someday you won’t mind that you didn’t get what you once wanted, because there’s something better on the way, waiting for me to see it, I just have to keep believing.

Someday the cracks of my broken heart will heal. It doesn’t matter how long and it doesn’t matter how hard it will be. All I know is that I have to keep the lessons learned, I must know how to let go, I must know how to accept that I met you for a reason.

A reason that made me a better person. For now I will keep my soul kind and soft while waiting for this one person that would look me in the eyes and will embrace every broken piece of me.

I have to accept when a chapter comes to an end. If we try to hold on longer, the harder we will find happiness in the present. We may wonder why a chapter in our life ended all of a sudden. We may keep on thinking why it has to happen. Everything changes, and the best that we can do is to let it all go.

Let things go. Release. Detach yourself from them. Feel free. Learn how to stop yourself from being in the same chapter over and over again. Remind yourself that accepting relationships that have ended is difficult, but you have to decide to begin a new story.

Sometimes a good person will exit your life so that a greater person can enter.

We all require different things from different people. I just have to wait for someone who will make everything right, someone who will love all my flaws, someone who will understand me, who can appreciate the things that I do and who can love without letting me go.