So Here’s What Happens To The Good Kids


So here’s what happens to the good kids.

We end up in jobs we don’t like, relationships that do not serve us, places where we do not belong, in order to please others.

We do not question, ourselves, until something gets in the way.

We fake it, as long as we get away with it.

If only we could step up, for what’s right, for us.

If only we could step into the light, shine bright, show ourselves and others what we stand for, today.

We don’t. We stay in the dark, looking for a way out.

While truth is, the only way out is in.

Into your job, relationship, living room. Have the talk. Walk away. Change your mind. Break up. Do what needs to be done, if only you had the courage to do so.

You have. The courage. To do so.

And so do I.

And yes, it might be scary and yes, life might change forever – for the better. For better or for worse, for real.

After all, if nothing else is real, what’s true?


And so it is.