Since You Only Thought Of Me When You Were Lonely, I Will No Longer Think Of You At All


You tasted of pecans and milk.
You stimulated my mind and I showed you a world you never knew.
You were a hurricane. I was a tornado.
My touch was thunder while your kiss was lightning.
Your fingers felt like matches on my skin.
We started fires and created storms.
We could have built cities; we could have started revolutions.

You tasted of red licorice and tequila.
With every day I became more addicted.
Holding onto you as if I were drowning in a whirlpool and you were the last lungful of air.
I needed you
For my sanity, to keep my world spinning.
I talked about you like you put the stars in my sky.
Like you made the flowers flourish.
Like you created the very ground I walk on.

You thought about me only when you were lonely.
Only when you were tired of sleeping alone.

You tasted of blank ink and gasoline.
You left a chaos in my mind that I could not fix.
I believed you when you said I wasn’t like the others
but you seem to have already forgotten my name.

But I still needed you.
And you knew.
Actually, you deceived me into believing I needed you.
As if you were some young god and the only way I could make it to heaven was if I slept with you.
But in the morning when I woke up half naked in your sheets
You were already gone.

You taste like nothing now.
My heart no longer feels heavy at the thought of you.
I don’t need to hold back tears whenever I see your name.
I don’t wait for a message that I know will never come.
I have no anger.
I have no hatred.

I’m not going to talk badly of you.
In fact, I’m not going to talk about you at all.