Simple, Powerful Reminders For Every Christian Teenager


Being a teenager and a Christian can be hard. There are people who mock you, tease you, and people who are intimidated by you. You often skip parties because you opt to go home. You screen every word you say taking into account that people might be hurt of what you say. You care much more about other people’s feelings. You try and try and try to understand their reasons to hurt you.

I know you’re so full of these things. I know it’s hard to forget yourself and carry the cross but remind yourself that you are not of the earth and neither are all the people.

The only difference is some people don’t know that.

Some people don’t know that you skip parties because they don’t know how much you love your family. Some people don’t know that you find fun in serenity. Some people don’t know that you find comfort in God. Some people don’t know what miracles you’ve experienced and what you’ve been through. Some people don’t know that you are happy with your personal relationship with God.

Some people just don’t understand and that’s okay.

What you don’t know is that to let them see these things, to let them understand and to let them know, you have to stop being ashamed of your faith.

You have to stop looking down every time you are being mocked for what you have and start smiling because of the fact that they are acknowledging it. You have to stop being shy and start to share what you have to others.

You have to stop covering the fire inside and just let others see the light.

As Ephesians 5:8 says, “For at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.”