Show Me Your Darkness


Show me your darkness. Let’s swap stories and scars, bond over parallel wounds and punchlines. Tell me about the last time you cried yourself to sleep. How did you find the strength to get out of bed the next morning and keep going? What kept you up last night? Tell me about the hours you spent tossing and turning, just waiting for the Sandman to make your acquaintance. Who haunts your dreams? Are they to blame for the shadows that have found a new home under your eyes? Tell me about the most difficult day you ever had to live through and how you survived it anyway. Do you still carry remnants of that day with you? Do you believe in God? Did the darkest days of your life bring you closer to him or farther away? Why?

You scare me.

You always summon laughter wherever you go. The world is your instrument, and you just pull at the strings in a way that makes them feel as if the song has always belonged to them. With that amazing smile, you radiate this beautiful warmth and make even the most bitter hearts feel okay. You just have this incredible light about you; the way you glow has me mesmerized.

You light up the room every damn time, but at what cost?

Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder what it is that you’re burning to keep that flame glowing. You project this happiness, laughter, and positivity, but where do the rest of your emotions go? How do you cope? Who are you when people aren’t watching?

Show me your darkness. Or at least show me how to burn bright enough to be someone else’s light.

Show me your darkness,

and I’ll tell you

how you saved me

from mine.