Shout Out To All My Single Women


Many times I have heard the hushed voices of older people say – if a woman is not married by a certain age there must be something wrong with her.

Well, hate to break the bad news to you June Cleaver, but there is nothing wrong with us and here’s a news flash; some of us wanted to live our lives and not get caught up in your bullshit of who we need to marry and when.

I just recently read that some reasons women are single by choice is that the millennials were raised by the baby boomer generation who had the highest divorce rate of all time, social media and online dating can give you a potential date one swipe at a time at any time, and financial constraints are holding people back from taking the plunge.

I never fell for the Cinderella glass slipper crap. All of these fairytales seem so perfect and beautiful, but as we all know some of the time life is not so perfect. Expectations were put in your head at a young age that were not realistic. Where is that fairytale of a young girl who lives rather than exists and enjoys her life along the way and the people she meets. She travels, has great sex, meets great people and learns to love herself..oh wait, there is none. You need to create your own.

I like being single and eventually I will settle down, but the truth is that I still have a ton of epic shit on my list that I want to get done and whoever is in my life at that moment to enjoy, great! I have an open heart for whatever might come my way along the amazing road I am headed down.

They key is to enjoy the moment and the person in your life at that moment. I have grown and learned a lot so far.

Life is much more enriching when you just do what makes you happy and create your own life instead of waiting for someone to do it for or with you.

When it happens, it will happen and I am eventually looking forward to that, but for now, I enjoy being independent and coming and going as I please.

I have had some tragic shit happen in my romantic life along with some amazing things…they all made me who I am today and if I had to turn back time, I would NOT change a thing. It all has taught me value lessons that I will always treasure. You have to accept that things happen when they happen and I am a true believer in things happen for a reason.

Being single by choice is not a reflection on your character. You should be comfortable in your own skin whether you are single or not. Love your time alone and most important love yourself. Pursue things that are meaningful to you or make your own life meaningful…grasp what makes your life feel authentic.

For those of us women who are single by choice my advice is to live, don’t just exist and love with all your heart. In the meantime, fall in love with yourself because you are pretty fucking amazing!