Should You Visit India?


Why should anyone visit India? I know you have heard far too much about how chaotic this country is, how dirty and how corrupted. You have also read about its highly publicized crimes against women in 2013. The stories of traffic jams because of cows birthing in the middle of the roads always amuse you. There are plenty of tales of superstition and blind faith, of spicy foods and strong liquor, of poverty and homelessness, of big fat weddings and even richer temples—and you have heard them all. And you are left wondering—“Should I visit India?”

India’s chaos makes it what it is. When you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam because a cow has decided to give birth in the middle of the road and the people won’t move until it’s done, you will find yourself wondering if you have ever believed in anything as strongly as these people do in the sacredness of a cow. You might witness political unrest and corruption, but you will also witness the largest population of politically aware and active youth in the world. Visit India because it is the largest democracy in the world. You will understand the true meaning of democracy when you see people from more than five different religions coexist in a city or when you see people from the extremes of the economic spectrum live in the same community. If not for anything else, visit India because it’s different.

Yes, visit India. Visit India because, believe me, you have never experienced anything like it ever before. Visit India because a trek to the Himalayas, a trip to the Taj Mahal, and a train to Rajasthan are very unique experiences. And then go on to the beaches of Goa, the tropical forests of Assam, and the unexplored islands of Andaman and Nicobar—not necessarily in that order. Visit India because of its “Babaji Ki Booty” (That’s what the good stuff is called here.) Visit India because when you bite into the authentic mangoes from Uttar Pradesh you will realize that you have never tasted anything like them before. Visit India because no matter how long you plan to stay here you will find something to take you by complete surprise—EVERY DAY.

Not all your questions will be answered, because there isn’t really an explanation for half the things we do here. Pack your bags to indulge in all the bizarre activities, because nobody really knows why the chicken crossed the road, but if I could cross the road with the chicken, I would. Your travel is NOT going to be a joyride, and the spices in your food are NOT going to be in moderation—so be prepared for an experience that is unprecedented.