She’s Worth More Than Your Unsure Love


She thinks you love her.

You can come back over and over. You can message her and like her selfies when they pop up. But all you’re doing is entertaining the thought in her head that maybe you love her, maybe this can work out. She won’t give up until you finally decide to stop playing with her. To stop using her for the support and unconditional love she gives you. This is what happens when you keep coming back.

Maybe you just like the fact that you have her on a string and she would’ve done anything for you. 

You can send her all the songs that make you think of her, then write poems about her and a novel about how wonderful you think she is. And then, (we all know what happens), tell her you simply can’t be with her. Because the timing is off, because you think you’re bad for her, because you “won’t accept a love that you don’t deserve.”

All she hears is…

“I love you, but it can’t happen right now.”  

The problem with this is, you’re making her hope. You’re making her believe that at some point, you’ll finally realize what’s been in front of you and run for her. But, we all know you won’t. You just liked the attention she gave you and the way she made you feel. Because, let’s be honest, if you loved her, you would’ve never left, and you would be with her now. If you wanted to be with her, she would’ve been yours.

Don’t use her for your own gratification.

Let her be free, stop coming back and playing with her head. Stop letting her risk her own happiness for a man that is never going to step up.

We all know what she deserves. To be loved, unquestionably. To be desired, without a second thought. Someone who chooses her, and only her, every single hour of every single day.

To the man who always comes back: stop coming back.