She Will Always Miss You


No matter how fast time flies, she still longs for you. She keeps on saying that without you, every day gets better. But honestly, the sorrows are always there. The just pain won’t go away. The tears just keep coming back.

She is still fighting even if there’s nothing left. She is still holding the pieces even though all the hope is gone. And even after all the days that have passed, it is still you. It will always be you.

She misses your messages and updates. She misses your “Good morning” and “Goodnight” texts. She still looks on her phone, wanting to see an update from you. She used to know all your whereabouts. She used to be your human diary. But now, all that’s left are your old conversations. As she reads them again, from the oldest ones, it just shows how you slowly changed until there’s nothing from you.

She misses your random hugs and kisses. She misses how you surprised her with hugs from the back. She misses how you kissed her every time you met and before parting ways. You used to give her a forehead kiss when something bothered her. It was your way of saying, “We got this.”

You used to embrace her tightly during cold nights. You used to calm her storms through these sweet gestures. Now that you’re gone, she is burning the ice away from her heart.

She misses your smile. She misses all the laughter that you shared with her. She misses how you lit up her face. She keeps on looking back at the days that you made her the luckiest girl in the world. She keeps on remembering all your stupid jokes and goofy talks. All the bliss is still engraved within her.

But now, it is ironic how the happiest memories make her the loneliest. It is those memories that leave a bucket full of tears.

She misses your voice. She misses how your “Everything will be alright” could make her feel serene. You used to be her sanity. You used to be her certainty. You used to be the answer to her prayers. Your voice soothes every part of her. Everything turned upside down. She never knew that you’d leave her with doubts. She never knew that you’d hang her with questions.

You made her feel as though she will never be enough.

She misses your moments together. She misses that special bond that you once had. She misses your romantic dates, movie marathons, and food trips. She misses all the roads you’ve taken. You are her favorite adventure.

But it seems like you’re too busy wanting more. You are conquering other planets even though you already held the universe in your hands. You finally had the brightest star but you’re too blind to see it.

You will search for her in others. But even if you keep on searching, you will never find her. You will never see her.

She misses your effort. She misses how you made her day with your own thoughtful ways. She still keeps your handwritten love letters. Her books are the safe keepers of the flowers you gave her. She loves browsing your old photos together because it reminds her of how happy you were as a couple. All the stories of you and her are only filled with “was” and “were.” No present tenses, no continuations.

Even if every memory of you hurts, she still chooses to love you solely. She hopes that someday, she can finally look back and say, “It was nice to meet you.” She will always miss how much you mean to her. She will always miss every part of you within her. She will always miss everything about you.

She will always love you.