She Was The Quiet To Your Loud


“You are a minute of quiet in a loud, shouting world.”

– Gabriel Gadfly

You looked at her once, and immediately you felt calmness you never thought you’d be able to feel ever again.

What was it about her that is so fragile, and yet able to emanate strength – strength in you that pushes you go on?

Amidst all the cacophonous, ear-splitting, deafening waves the world throws at you, something about her brought you peace.

While the lens of the damnedest was the only way you saw your soul, in her was hope. The hope she saw in you subconsciously crept into your veins, making you begin to believe, albeit slowly, that you had a shot at redemption. That you were capable of better.

Amongst all the thorns and splattered blood that were plastered on your skin, she chose to notice the small, tiny, delicate scars that were beautiful because they made you who you are. As horrifying your scars seemed, she was able to touch and cradle them ever so lightly, admiring them in all their brokenness.

How could such a pure and delicate soul live in the likeness of this damned world?

She saw you for you, and somehow she inspired you to become better. She was the last gasp for air to keep afloat in the drowning sea.

“She was a rainbow, but everyone else was colour-blind.”

You see, to her, scars are beautiful. Scars leave a mark saying “I made it.” She wants you to pull through. No matter how deep the wound, no matter how much blood you’ve lost along the way – know that she’ll be there with you. Why? Because no matter what, wounds heal. It just takes time.

She sees beauty in scars – she’s there to stay, no matter how monstrous you may become. She gives you the hope you couldn’t have found in yourself, all you needed was that one last push – to end your suffering within yourself and to seek out the wondrous person you were meant to be.