She Was A Daisy In A Field Of Roses


This is for the wallflower.

A smart bright young girl was flung into a world where society demanded social approval by the looks on their faces and the curves on their bodies. There she stood, a daisy in a field of roses.


Waiting for a person who will see her as more
than a bag of skin held together by meat and bones.
She thought to herself “Who would pick a daisy in a field of roses?”


Trying to find a reason
why this society represses her as a person.
Oh wait, she knows the reason.

It’s because she doesn’t fit to society’s standards.
But more than that, it’s because she’s a girl.

Boys go for the long-haired,
the fair-skinned,
the voluptuous women,
and there she sat looking at herself in the mirror.


Questioning her own worth and beauty.
Blaming herself for all her shortcomings.

Her family crushed her self-esteem,
society killed her hopes and dreams.
But guess what, that girl is still fighting today.

Because even though society looks at her
and sees a frail girl on the verge of collapse,
in her lives a tempest,
a raging spirit as fierce as the storm.
She needed to only unlock the door.

And that girl will always rise above her insecurities,
because she is more than her body.
Her ideas are worth much more
than the number of likes on her selfies.

For she is not defined by the numbers of a scale;
she is not defined by her clothing;
she is not defined by the color of her skin;
she is not defined by her curves or lack thereof.

She is a diamond in the rough;
a daisy, unique in her own way,
in a field of conformist roses.

She is living breathing stardust.

She is a woman, but more importantly she is a person.
And she should be treated as such.