She Thought She Meant Something To You — But Obviously She Was Wrong


She thought that all of the texts you sent her, all of the nights you spent talking to her instead of falling asleep, actually meant something. She thought that you liked her as much as she liked you, because you answered her back as quickly as you could. Because you kept the conversation going when you could have easily ignored her.

She thought that your flirting actually meant something. That all of the compliments you gave her were genuine. That you honestly believed she was beautiful, that she had nice hair and even nicer eyes, that she was someone you would be lucky to call your girlfriend.

She thought that the attention you gave her actually meant something. That you liked her pictures and commented on her statuses, because you cared about what she had to say. Because you were infatuated with her and kept an eye out for her posts.

She thought that all of the smiles and the extra long eye contact you shared actually meant something. That you looked at her differently than you looked at everyone else. That you saw something in her that made your heart jump with excitement.

She thought that the deep conversations you had actually meant something. That you opened up to her, because you felt like you could trust her. Because you wanted her to see a side of you that most people never get to experience.

She thought that all the times you paid for her meals actually meant something. That you two were on a date, even though neither of you called it that. Even though you acted like you were only friends spending the evening together.

She thought that being introduced to your family actually meant something. That you were trying to make a permanent place for her in your life. That you wanted her to get to know the people that mattered the most to you, because she mattered to you too.

She thought that the touches actually meant something. That you held her hand, because you couldn’t stand being separated from her. That you cuddled with her, because you wanted to hold her body as close as possible. That you kissed her, because you wanted to become her official boyfriend.

She thought that she actually meant something to you — but she must have been mistaken, because you’re gone now. Because you decided that she wasn’t enough for you and you would rather find someone new.

She hates herself for how gullible she has been in the past. For ever thinking that you cared, for thinking that you would choose to stick around.

You probably don’t even remember the memories that make her smile the widest. Those special moments are probably only special to her.

It’s hard for her to believe that you could get so close to her without developing the same type of feelings that she has. It’s hard for her to accept that you didn’t want what she always thought you wanted. That you were never on the same page.

She might not have meant anything to you — but you meant the world to her. And you still do.