Settle Down With Me


Settle down with me so that I can hold you when the world proves to be too much. Let me show you new zip codes when you feel like the city lights are too bright for your brown eyes. Let me sit with you on those restless nights, when you begin to question why you left home for a new city that is as lonely as London. You wonder why you moved to this strange part of the world where so few people know your last name, and even less of them understand your mind.  But if it counts, I am so glad you brought that one-way ticket to Hong Kong. I am so glad you found me.

Settle down with me so that I can help you when your habits dim you to seek utter darkness at the bottom of every bottle. Let me be the match scratch that makes you feel as alive as on the night that we kissed by the harbor. I understand how loneliness can coat the inside of your chest while your own dreams stare blankly back at you. This city has no patience for nostalgia, but I know what it feels like to bask in its glory and create something beautiful out of its residue. I understand how remorseless memories embed themselves within honest bones, clawing their way into every atom of your being. But let me clear those reckless thoughts and be all the help that you will ever need. Let me help you.  

Settle down with me because your smile carries qualities of eternal reassurance. Let me be there to reassure you of your greatness, in both your humble hands and in your heavy heart. Let me be the secret combination that makes you roar under the prickling stars, creating a sound so loud that the whole city stops for a moment. Let me watch you come undone in all of your beautiful and ugly ways. Let me watch your spirit grow.   

Settle down with me and find life in sonnets and postcards from dots on a map. Let me be beside you when the world’s shadows shrouds your bright thoughts. Let me help you blur the intransigent lines between your dreams and reality. You deserve to live out the dreams that brought you here, and I want to be there to celebrate every milestone with you. Let me shudder your demons away with genuine colors of summer skin, and let me fill all of your empty spaces with too much of my love. Let my love be irrational and unconditional. Let my warmth fill your chest until you want no more of it. Let it guide you when you need it the most. Let me grow with it, too.

Settle down with me because I have fallen utterly in love with the boy who has an infectious hunger for more. You once said you rarely find people who favor the broken parts of humanity with such compassion and empathy. Well I am here and I am writing you these things. I am here and I am telling you that I am in love with you; that I want to spend the rest of my days fearlessly loving you in all of your nomadic and wonderful forms. This is me coming undone in the most honest way.

Settle down with me so that I can be the harbor you will always call home.

Settle down with me.