Seek God And You Will Find Your Purpose


Agree with God that you are valuable and that you were born for a purpose.

As awful and relentless as this virus has been to us around the world, the best coping mechanism, especially while we are quarantined, is to question who we are as individuals and ponder our purpose. Know that God is intentional. Nothing he has ever done or will do is by chance. His intention is ALWAYS for us to see Him, even in our dysfunction and in circumstances created by our own decisions or beyond our control.

Understand that you are loved by Him and meditate on that. Know that He is for you. He has never been on the fence about you. Agree that He loves you.

Look for Him—ask Him to help you see Him even in the middle of the most trying time in your life. Ask Him to open your heart and mind to him, to hear Him and know that it is Him you hear.

God desires us to be close to Him. It is us that is far from Him, for He never leaves us or forsakes us. So seek Him in all you do. Seek Him for that desire in your heart that keeps popping up in your mind, that thing in your gut that you know you’re supposed to be doing; that thing you keep talking yourself out of or that you keep questioning whether you can do or should do. For all of you who are afraid to start a business; for all of you who tried but gave up; for all of you who have been wanting to but could not find the time to do it; for all of you that want to but do not know where to start; for all of you that started but did not finish because you lost motivation and drive and energy, this is your time. Your time to get to know Him. Your time to ask Him what your purpose is. Your time to start or start again.

God says to give it to Him. Speak to Him like a friend. Ask Him to align your desires with the anointing He has for you. Ask Him to show you your talents and gifts. Ask Him to give you a strategy. Ask Him to give you wisdom, knowledge, and discernment. Pray diligently and seek Him. Be open enough to being quiet so that you can hear Him. Be radical enough to come out of what has become your comfort zone. Step out on faith and be faithful to yourself. Believe in Him and believe in yourself. Know that what God has for you is for you. Ask God to help you be faithful every day with all He has given you—the time, the resources, and the talents. Ask for His will to be done.

Then watch what happens.