See This Defiant Gay Student’s Epic Response To A Homophobic Test Question


Jake Midura is a 17-year-old high school student from Manchester, New Hampshire. Like most students he goes to school, attends classes, and takes tests in those classes.

Unlike most schools, however, one quiz asked him to identify the exact reason that “homosexual sex acts” are immoral.

Upset, Jake selected “D. None of these”. He got that question wrong. According to the school, the answer was “C”.

Jake attends a Catholic school, and the class in which the test was administered was entitled “Life in Jesus Christ”, which is described as a “Christian morality” course. While the school rejects discrimination and states that they want all students, gay or not, to be “welcomed into full participation in their local faith community,” they still defend their right to include anti-gay material into their class syllabuses and overall curriculum.

Jake and his mother are hoping for “small steps” toward change. Perhaps this small act of protest will help result in a new test someday, where students are asked about the importance of accepting everyone for who they are.