Rise In Love, Don’t Fall In Love


Countless people have fallen in love. They fell and broke themselves.

In my case, I once fallen in love so hard with someone and not knowing how to get up; not only did I break myself from falling but also almost killed this body that loves me more than anything.

You don’t get to choose whom you will love, you know. One day, you will just feel it in the process of knowing this person. You’ll just know someday that love knocked you over and conquered your body and mind.

You fell almost too early and you didn’t see the ground made of rocks, steep hills, and upward knives. You killed yourself. Your blood splatters and soaks the ground. Your bones are crushed. Your body lies lifeless and dislocated in many pieces.

And worst, the person who receives your unfaltering love did not even look at you in the casket, never visited your wake, and did not left a flower for you when you got buried. This person didn’t even give you last words for you to carry somewhere. To hope at least that your love for this person is not in vain and wasted.

But there is no autopsy report. There is no death certificate. And you breathe once again.

You didn’t die. There are people whose hearts are beating for you. Every breath they take is the same breath you breathe.

Now, promise you’ll never fall in love again. Promise me you’ll never hit rock bottoms again. Promise that you will take care of yourself. Promise me you will date again. Promise that you will love yourself.

In love, you will rise instead of falling into it.

Rise because it’s the only way up.

Rise because you are not supposed to go down.

You are not deserving of falling down. You are not deserving of breaking down yourself.No one is deserving being hurt in love. But if you come to a point where falling and breaking are the only options left, please rise from your ashes. Dust yourself. Show that you are still soft and kind but braver and stronger and smarter.

Rise in love.

Rise in that motherflecker word.

Rise because you are love and love is not here to let you fall and break.