Remember The People Who Left You



People come and go. Believe me if say that you’ll meet a lot of people and that you will have a lot of goodbyes. Relationships strand, friendships break, families splitting up. It all happens. Even when it seems odd when it happens, and you’ve wished things turned out differently or you wished you could turn back time and make things up. But you can’t, so you have to live with what it is now and make the best of it.

When people decide to leave, or you make them leave, it’s up to you how you react. You can cry about that you won’t have that friend anymore, or you can scroll through your phone and look at all the pictures of the fun times you guys had. See it as an extraordinary occasion, a beautiful time you were able to be a part of. Be glad it happened and appreciate everything you’ve learned from it.

I’m not saying that it is something very positive or so, no. I understand that losing a very dear friend is maybe even harder than a breakup. The person you shared everything with, is now just gone. Your person is gone. You sure feel like you’re alone and have nobody to talk to, but be open for new people. Some people may surprise you.


But the thing is, I don’t want to meet new people. I’m used to the people around me and I don’t know what to start without them. I know that saying goodbye is a part of life, I really do.

But I’m not the person who closes things easily. Things will go through my mind for a very long time. I will always remember the day and the way you left. I will always remember the words you said when you said you had to go. Those words will kill me. People who said that words can’t hurt, never have felt the pain of a person leaving your life.

I can be positive about new starts and new people, but I have my people, and I’m afraid that people will disappoint me. My people won’t ever disappoint me. So opening up to new people is a scary thing. It isn’t sure what they will do with the information they know about you.


I don’t want to lose my friends. I think nobody wants to lose the people who are their second family. Because mine are. Imagine to lose your very best friend, would you survive? In the end you will, but at that moment, it feels like the world collapses. Like you lose your ability to breathe for a second. Of course you will move on, eventually. But the person you’ve lost, your best friend, won’t be forgotten by your own heart.