Reclaim The Resilience In Your Fears


Life is full of discomfort when stretching beyond our comfort zones. We can hide from challenging ourselves to reach for higher ground to avoid the pain that doing so requires.

From personal experience, I know what it means to isolate myself from others for fear of being rejected, keep my dreams small for fear of failure and avoid life for fear of fully participating in its messiness.

In ways below our awareness and others more pronounced, we often live within the limits of what we think is possible in order to bypass our deepest fears. This new year, let us resolve to take the driver’s seat to live a larger and fuller life. And, if fear and anxiety come along for the ride, then they better buckle up.

Here’s a declaration to reclaim ownership over our fears and lead lives of courage and resilience:

Fear not feeling pain, because leaning into all emotions allows us to feel joy. Emotions are information and integral to the human experience.

Fear not singing along to the music playing at the grocery store, because we’re too busy to enjoy this moment.

Fear not being vulnerable, because living with an open heart is the birthplace of connection, intimacy and love.

Fear avoiding responsibility, because it’s the foundation that allows us to take meaningful risks.

Fear thinking that the next moment and the one after that will be better, because a life well-lived unfolds one moment at a time.

Fear not trying, because achievement, integrity, confidence and purpose come from doing that which we told ourselves we cannot; staying small is vastly more painful.

Fear not feeling loss, because loss means that we allowed ourselves to love deeply.

Fear living without self-knowledge, because awareness is the key that begets personal freedom and choice.

Fear not following your intuition, because it knows your path better than anyone else.

Fear not leaning into difficult moments and conversations, because that is where we foster truth and authenticity in our relationships and our lives.

Fear the search for perfection, because life happens in all its glorious messiness.

Fear the need for certainty, because the unknown can be the beginning of something beautiful.

Fear being too comfortable, because embracing challenges means staying open to the ways in which the universe is supporting our highest growth and life lessons.