Read This When You’re Stuck In A Relationship But Need To Move On


There will be times when you have to move on from a relationship before you feel ready to. You may have to let go of someone you love, even though there’s no definitive proof that it could never work out. You may have to let whatever happened be without trying to piece together what it could have been.

There will be times you have to walk out even when you aren’t sure what went wrong or how everything fell apart. Even when you don’t know what you were supposed to have done differently. Even when you are wondering whether there is still a chance, still room, still time to try fixing it.

There will be times when you have to leave it all behind without knowing whose fault it was, without knowing the other person’s intentions, without knowing if they will ever love or hurt the way you do.

It is exhausting to stand in a relationship with one leg in and one out. So if you’ve been straddling these two different realities for way too long, unsure which to pick, cemented to the ground in fear, remember this.

Sometimes, you just won’t know all the answers you wish you did, which will make walking away feel impossible. But that doesn’t mean you need to stay on until you have drained yourself searching for certainty. Losing yourself in this exertion is not a virtue.

Right now, your answer may not be about completing the puzzle but about what you cannot piece together. Maybe the confusion and lack of an answer is the only answer there is in this moment.

The chaos you feel might be your internal compass. Oftentimes, our minds and our bodies know the direction we should head long before we do. So let yourself believe in the honesty of the hurricane that stirs up in you when you are where you shouldn’t be.

There are times when it isn’t about what happened, how you can fix it, or if it’s worth another shot. Sometimes, the only question is “Which way is forward?”

Ask it and follow through. I promise that when nothing else seems to work, every answer you seek is folded somewhere within this radical permission to keep moving.