Read This When You’re Struggling With Self-Love


My prose, or what my friends call ‘flowery language’, unintentionally became my most important voice. It was my way of expressing to the world my deep thoughts and insights in artistic form.

I wrote these four pieces to celebrate a common struggle, to reduce the stigma of hardships and negativity, because in life, such things are imminent and it’s okay. Everyone needs a reminder sometimes, to know that although weak, they are strong. They need to know that when all hope feels lost, it’s possible to retreat in a place of love. They need to know they have the power to create in themselves a comfort they’ll be happy to call home.

1. Claim Your Truth

I’m a precious, happy soul. But I’m sorry that I’ve been marked by trauma. I won’t apologize for being real, for exposing my vulnerabilities and speaking the truth. I’m not afraid to show my true colors as my soul continues to mature. I won’t be fake and try to hide my scars. I’ll show my ugly with a sense of pride, for the trophy of who I’ve become as a result. I won’t choose to wallow in my sufferings and fears of inadequacy. I will always choose to fight for myself, because I refuse to believe I was meant for anything less. I will own my bloodstained crimson carpet with the strength in my grace and dignity. I will choose to be the light above all else, even if the shimmering jewels I crown are crafted from my own glistening tears.

2. Be Fearless

There is a strength and necessary element to sadness that most of us fail to realize, because facing it head on is one of our biggest fears. That strength is in everything your logic is advising you against. It’s in taking all your courage, although little, and transforming it into a magnificent brilliance you’ve always wished for but never knew you already had in you.

3. Others Suffer, Too

We all wish to be loved. But why do we keep our hands hidden from the person who is desperate for our guidance? Why are we so quick to reject the less fortunate? To the ones who spit in our face, I’d say they needed our help the most.

I’m not saying to turn around and caress their insults. But if we harbor in ourselves a sea of hate for all the ones who’ve wronged us, if we continue to guard ourselves from their spears, we will never see a day where we can disarm their insecurities and quell our own fears.

We all wish to be loved. So should we not love ourselves enough to do this one kindness? To react, reflect and transform our momentary evils. To reach for the light at the end of the tunnel, as they say, in search of the invincible brilliance, enlightening us in the name of love.

For we all wish to be loved. Please, if you’d like, hold onto my hand, so that we may find our magnificence together.

4. Your Strength is Limitless

Yes, I know my heart is strong. In fact, it is resilient. But doesn’t yours, too, feel like it’s racing against time? Beating so loudly and alone, where does it get all of its energy? All this time, I think it’s just been searching for a certain warmth between one’s arms, beneath one’s chest. It’s searching for another palm to hold, a spark to guide it to its place of rest.