Read This When You’re Having One Of Those Days


Sometimes it’s just a “too much” day.

You know those days, right? Or is it just me?

The days where you wake up, and immediately can tell that today, this day, will be a hard one. You get ready for your day, and your hair just won’t sit right. Your makeup won’t go on correctly. You spill your coffee on your favorite white and paisley blouse. Your pants are just a bit too snug.

You scream, “why won’t this day just END already?” Do you know those type of days I’m talking about?

When you make it to work, your boss decides on this day, this already tough day to remind you of all your shortcomings at work. Your report was late, your drawer balance was off, your computing skills are still not up to par, and the best part? You’re not eligible for that time off you asked for. So, this trip that you’ve spent the last six months dreaming about is now off the table, unless, you know, you want to go hungry and homeless for the next few weeks. All of the customers you have to see on this already “too much” day are not being helpful either. They’re yelling. They’re screaming. They’re using every single bad part of their day and taking it out on you. On the one person who is already having a rough day.

If you’re like me, then anxiety really has a hold on your life. You’re anxious all the time, and life has a way of getting to you, in the worst of ways. You’re overly sensitive, and sometimes think of EVERY SINGLE worst possibility in the world in less than two seconds, flat.

So what happens if you’re like that? If from the get-go your day is just giving you every single warning light that it’s going to be one of those “too much” days?

Panic attacks. Anxiety attacks. Crying fits. You’ll start hyperventilating and crying, and it will feel like the world is just too much to bear at this exact second. Everything feels wrong. Nothing feels right. Everything seems like it’s a mess. Even breathing is hard. Why is life so tough? Why does everything in the world have to fall apart on one day? On this day? Why do days like this happen? Are they just a cruel reminder that, on some days, we need to know that we are not the ones in total control? Is it just a “haha F U” from life?

So, on a too much day, what do we do to bring the calm to storm?

We breathe, or try to. We listen to music. We listen to calming words. If you’ve ever had a “too much” day, you know that calming areas and surroundings are of the utmost importance. We lay down, close our eyes, and we hope, with our microscopic hopefulness left inside, that tomorrow will be a better day.

We hope that tomorrow won’t be a “too much” day.