Read This When You’re Feeling Insecure


Stop right there.

Don’t say another word.

Why would you reflect such harsh words towards yourself? Have you met yourself? Have you looked in the mirror and seen the beauty in your features? Every inch, every curve, every insecurity that defines your uniqueness? Have you had a conversation with you? Your wit and intelligence captivates anyone who has had the pleasure of talking to you. Your laugh is contagious to those in your presence; you light up a room with your smile and charm. How could you not feel proud of who you have become?

When you were a baby, you looked at the world with innocence and love. You didn’t cry when you saw your reflection in the mirror out of fear that others didn’t see your beauty. You weren’t upset when an outfit didn’t fit you the same way it did a few weeks prior. You didn’t refuse playdates with others because they didn’t look the same as you. So when did you begin to see yourself in such a negative light?

When did the word “fat” frequent your vocabulary to describe yourself? When did “not pretty” represent how you saw yourself? When did someone else’s filtered Instagram photo look better than your reality? Why does an airbrushed photo in a magazine weigh so heavily on what a young girl thinks she should look like?

Did you forget that you love to dance? That your pirouettes would make even a seasoned professional bow down before you? Do you think people don’t remember your beautiful singing voice and the smile you couldn’t wipe off your face during the entire song? What about that tear-jerking poem you wrote that made the whole audience connect with you on a deeper level after you read it? Or the homerun you achieved when your teammates didn’t think you were strong enough to hit one out of the park?

You have so many amazing qualities that have been overshadowed by your insecure thoughts. You’ve managed to poison that innocent child you once were with only the worst opinions of yourself. But why deceive your eyes so cruelly? Does it make you feel better about your appearance if you crumble your self-esteem? Not. Another. Word.

Start believing that you are worthy, powerful, vibrant, unbreakable. Make the words that come out when looking in the mirror motivational and loving. Stop tearing yourself down to feel vulnerable and unwanted. These words are only what you’ve trained your mind to believe and are not a representation of what others think of you. You are someone with many talents and strengths that mold you into the amazing woman that you are. If you want to dance, dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one can hear you. Reflect like no one is listening. And perform as best as you can, for you.

Because there is no one else like you.