Read This When You Need A Reminder To Keep Going


You won’t get to smell your favorite flowers anymore.

You won’t know who your kids would’ve grown up to be.

You won’t come downstairs to the smell of bacon in the morning.

You’ll miss the next season of your favorite show.

You won’t get to take another vacation.

Suicide doesn’t take your pain away, it merely puts it on those who love you.

You can overcome this feeling.

Your pets will wait for you to return home forever.

Your friends will blame themselves for years.

Your family will wonder where they went wrong.

You are stronger than your current problems.

You won’t get another chance to live this life.

You won’t get to spend another day at school, practice or work.

There will be an empty seat at the table and in your classroom or workplace.

You won’t get to celebrate your next birthday.

You’ll miss the next sale at your favorite store.

You’ll never get to taste your favorite food again.

Your friends and family will never be the same.

Someone will miss you every single day.

You have goals to achieve.

You’ll miss your best friend’s wedding.

You’ll never see the sunrise again.

You’ll miss that great party next week.

You won’t find out who you would’ve become.

You’ll never know how long you would have lived and what you would have accomplished.

You’re enough.

You’ll never know the names of your best friend’s children.

Tough times lead to beautiful realizations.

You’ll miss the next full moon.

You won’t get to eat your favorite snack again.

You won’t be able to watch your children walk down the aisle.

People will cry for days, months and years over the loss of you.

Everyone will always wonder, “Why?”

People will miss your laugh.

People on this earth need you here.

Someone needs you to help them.

You’ll never get to answer your phone again.

You’ll never finish that book you’re reading.

You’ll miss the great feeling when you turn the TV on and your favorite movie is starting.

You’ll never get to climb into bed under a warm blanket again.

You’ll miss driving in the summertime with the windows down and the music blaring.

You won’t be able to take a hot, relaxing bath.

You’ll miss the next sunny day.

You won’t get to laugh at jokes.

Your family needs you.

You’ll never get to sing your favorite song.

You’ll miss the next great hair day.

You’ll miss seeing your family succeed.

This will get better.

You are so deeply, unconditionally loved.