Read This When You Can’t Seem To Get Over Your Ex


I’m sure you can remember the time when your ex felt like home to you. Love is a hard feeling to forget. And even if you weren’t in love, the feelings were most likely quite strong if you’re reading this article right now. And I’m sure if you really invested yourself in him, you could almost revive that feeling again.


But, the truth is, you can’t. Those feelings, the light he ignited in your heart, have now developed shadows of heartbreak and separation. Very rarely are individuals able to get through their problems and fix them. Those who come out stronger are the lucky ones, and if that’s you and you’re reading this then congratulations.

However, you two most likely aren’t one of the lucky ones.

No matter how you parted ways, you separated for a reason, and that reason was relevant enough for you or the other party involved to decide that is was more important than your connection. It sucks, but those are the facts. Now it’s your choice what you do with this information.

You have two choices. You can either cling to those memories of your ex and let them control you, or you can remember the past and let it transform you.

To let your past relationship control you closes doors to opportunities and hope for something better. Often times, when one decides to cling to their memories they perceive them falsely, seeing the good times as better than they were or the bad times as not quite as bad as they truly were.

Holding onto a past lover holds you back from change, and in a world that moves as quickly as it does today, the only way to keep from getting more hurt is to keep moving forward. Clinging to the past will ultimately only end in heartbreak, and perhaps even deepen the current rift between you
and your past partner.

However, if you let your heartbreak transform you, then you are accepting the situation as it is and pushing forward. There’s no getting rid of the memories or the feelings, at least not for a while. So in the meantime, you can let these feelings inspire you and motivate you. For example, after breaking up with my boyfriend, I was in search of a new late-night hobby because I was used to face-timing until the early morning hours. I decided to get back into reading and writing, and now here I am six months later writing this for you.

Heartbreak has the power to bring out the worst or the best in you, and it’s completely your choice. You deserve better and you owe it to yourself to seek happiness that could be waiting just around the corner if you’re only willing to risk looking for it.