Read This If You’re A Disappointed Bernie Sanders Supporter And Don’t Know What To Do Next


If you’re like me, and you supported the heck out of Bernie Sanders in 2016, you’re probably wondering what to do now. You’re probably fed up with the choices we’ve been left with and unsure what to do next. I’m on the same boat but I feel that there is a clear path toward the future that we could all take. I hope you know by now that Bernie’s revolution was not just a presidential campaign, and it’s important to understand that. Bernie didn’t just run for president, he ran a movement designed to inform those who would listen, a wise perspective of this country’s issues.

Call it what you wish: truth, idealism, fantasy? Doesn’t matter. It was a point of view from a man who has shown all the right signs to be credible and trustworthy. And the truth is, this man impacted your life, one way or another. He might of changed your understanding of money and politics or his campaign shined the light through the corporate elite and media and exposed them to all that are bright enough to see past their propaganda. But again, the fact is, Bernie impacted your life. Your space, your bubble, was opened up to include Bernie and his message. That says a lot.

Now that his campaign is towards an end, it’s important that we keep his ideas in our personal bubble. Those ideas are now part of who you are, because after 2016, you learned your views on many things, all thanks to Bernie’s guidance, and the collective support and validation from your fellow, and like-minded human beings. He’s been like a teacher, or a master. And we have been his pupils, his apprentices.

It’s time that we use what we learned.

Everything in life, is an experience to learn more about yourself and your world. There’s no denying that. And along this life, you became inspired by a 74 yr old man from Vermont, and no one can take that away from you. Whether they say he’s a kook, or an idiot, or a socialist, this is your reality, not theirs. From your perspective, his words made sense to you. And you felt it in your heart, hence the passionate support for him, from all over the world. This human being was inspiring to you so nothing else matters. You are the center of your universe. Do not be ashamed of supporting the guy who lost the nomination, but won our hearts.

So where do we go next? Do I vote for Hillary or Trump? …Well…you tell me. Here’s a quick test to see if you are really feeling the Bern or not. Answer this: Do you really want a better world? Sure. OK..What will you do about it? “I’ll Vote for Hillary! Lesser of two evils! Right?!” “I’ll write in Bernie! That’ll show the establishment!”

Here’s a news flash, and I hate to be the pragmatist sitting next to you at a Starbucks but your vote doesn’t matter. I’m not saying to not vote. I am going to vote. But it’s not enough to change your reality. The fact of the matter is, real change comes from your will and attention. Sorry to break the news, buy YOU have to do something. (And it’s a hell of a lot more work than casting your vote) This is the secret to life… IF you were really feeling the Bern, you will do what ever you can to help create the world we envisioned.

Which means, you will stand up, and make it a newly added edition to your life’s story. Sticking up for these beliefs will become part of who you are, your essence, your purpose. As we speak, Bernie is suggesting we (his supporters) run for political offices and take over the corrupt establishment with our progressive ideals. Will that work? Yeah probably. But you don’t have to re-write your life to public service in order to fulfill the revolution’s causes. Just incorporate what you have learned in 2016, to the rest of your life. Want to be an actor? Great! When you’re on the red carpet, do you really want to talk about what you’re wearing or what matters deep to you? Ask Leo DiCaprio. You want to be a police officer? Great! Be the BEST police officer, and fight for a just judiciary system.

Be outspoken. This is your life. Create a reality that works for you. It will take hard work, because nothing in life is easy. But all you have to do is align your energy with the energy of a better world. This is what Bernie did. He was fed up and decided to attempt to change his reality. So he ran for president. He put in effort to expand his ideas for a world that he believed in. And he succeeded…He didn’t just sit at home and complain to his wife. Instead, he punched in his name for president and traveled throughout the country to share his ideas…Never complain, it only encourages things to stay the same with no effort given. It’s just a waste of thoughts, words and energy. Stop focusing on how terrible things are and direct your thoughts toward solving those problems. Become a problem solver. If there’s anything Bernie has taught us is that any human being can change the world. Honestly!

We all are born with ideas unique to us, put them to use. Share them. Do something. By doing, we change the universe by manifesting our thoughts into reality. The truth is, you have the power to help co-create a better world. It already exists in your heart. Which means you can create it on this 3rd dimensional plane. Because it already exists. Don’t believe me? Or want to learn more? Research the law of attraction. Listen to your gut. Have faith. And most of all, believe in yourself. Believe that you can make a difference. Because you can, and that’s the realist thing there is.