Read This If Your Life Is Unbearable Right Now


Sometimes life sucks. And I mean seriously sucks. We live in a time where it’s incredibly easy to compare ourselves, be it on social media or what you perceive to be other people’s lives. When you’re going through a hard time, nothing is fair.

Suddenly, you’re acutely aware of everything around you. Of how easy it is for people to walk by you. For them to laugh and carry on with their lives. Your inner world could be crumbling. You could be suffocating on the emptiness of your existence… and nobody would care.

Well, even if they care, they’re not experiencing the same thing you are. Your suffering is yours and yours alone. That battle you have with everything that’s gone wrong? You have to fight that alone.

You can distract yourself. Eat ice cream. Sleep. Drink it away. You’ll be able to avoid dwelling on your feelings, but despair will never fade. You won’t feel like doing anything. Listless, lethargic, lame. Your life will come to a standstill until you confront that anguish. Until you own up to the fact that yes, life isn’t fair.

No matter how much you didn’t deserve what happened to you, it still happened. It hurts and it destroys. It takes a massive toll on your self-esteem, your beliefs, your sanity. You’re not going to be the same person. How could you possibly be after you’ve picked yourself up from life’s bullshit?

You’ve become stronger. You’ve gained one of the most powerful weapons out there: the resolve to keep going. Life is a tough roller coaster that doesn’t go up without first coming down. No matter how far you drop, know that you’re different because of it. Not better, different. That difference is what will push you further and reveal paths you never knew you needed.

Everything happens for a reason. Any setback will provide resources that will guide you in a new way. Life can be unbearable, but it’s still your life. It’s a unique life that nobody else owns. What happens in your life will always be the right thing for you.