Read This If You Have Lost Faith In Real Love


Real love takes so many forms. It is more than the concept of forever.

Real love is all-consuming—there is no half measure. It is an addiction you never want to abstain from, a high you could live for every single day for the rest of your existence.

Real love is the feeling of being complete in a way you never knew you could be. It is an undercurrent in your daily life, and no matter where you find yourself in any given moment, you share a connection that closes the distance between you.

Real love is a silence that only you and they can hear.

Real love is losing yourself to another and accepting that parts of you are no longer your own and that they may never be again, and that you have given them freely, willingly, to another, with every hope that they will treasure it.

Real love is about facing challenges you could not foresee and how you grow from these battles that change you.

Real love is about accepting that love in its entirety is not perfect or glamorous, that it can be dark and draining and take you to places you didn’t expect to visit, and that it can leave you there until you are strong enough to move forward.

Real love can leave a scar and make you believe that it never existed at all. It is about reflection and understanding, that the end of one love does not define another one.

Real love is the understanding that the way you loved one person will not be reconstructed in the same way you go on to love another. It is accepting that your perception has shifted and that you will not view real love in the same way that you once did, and that this is a gift you will come to be grateful for when you are able to open your heart again. And when that moment finds you, real love will remind you of the wounds you carry and the healing you have yet to do.

Real love is accepting that the hand you held may not have always been yours to hold onto, but that the moment will stay with you and become a part of you, a forever in your journey long after they have left.

Real love will be unexpected, thrilling, terrifying, and overwhelming. It will teach you the joys of new beginnings and the value of hope and meaning in a different way to which you have become accustomed.

Real love will always be true when you find a connection to another in a way your heart recognises, no matter the length of time you have been alone.

Real love is an experience. It is not static but ever-changing and evolving. It requires you to move with it and learn the lessons you were always destined to discover in this life.

Real love is more than one soulmate for some. There are deeper connections made for us, predefined by fate for us to share and grow from. Some will leave and some will stay and some will leave imprints on our soul and become a part of our forever story.

You will never know what path you will walk when you meet real love again, how special it will be or what meaning it will bring to you. But you will enjoy the beat of your heart again in place of the ache that once used to live there.

And you will come to understand that real love does and has always existed after all.