Read This If You Have A Troubled Heart


I know you’ve been hurting and that life has been throwing punches at you lately, but hey, let me tell you that your troubled heart will soon heal. You might be sleeplessly crying at night but soon, things will get better. Take that baby step and know that today might not be as good as your days used to be, but there’s always hope. The world is waiting for you to smile again.

The past few days may have been gloomy but it’s time to show up. I know you’re hurting and there’s nothing that we can do but to wait for you until things get cleared and everything makes sense. Don’t worry, we’ll be patient until you’re ready to get back on track again.

Remember what I told you last time? That people who are hurt are like garbage trucks, when they’re fed up, they try to look for a place where they can dump their debris? But always know that you are better than that.

Your emotions are valid and you are allowed to cry, but remember that at the end of the day, no one is responsible for your happiness but you.

We all have our trying moments, I know. There are days when you feel that the world seems so unfair and that you’re not enough. But when you find yourself alone and lonely, please remember that the world needs you. It wouldn’t be as beautiful and meaningful as it is if you were not here. You might be fighting battles we know nothing about, but believe me when I say that it might be stormy today but it can’t rain forever. Cheer up and trust yourself. It might be hard to see that there’s still something good in everything – but there is. And you will only see that if you get out of that dark room and learn to live again.

My dear, give your self enough time to grieve. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not worth it or that your life is nothing but one hell of a drama show.

Remember that you are allowed to get hurt. Let the wounds bleed and let your tears run out.

No one should tell you how you should feel about anything. You are uniquely designed by God and that alone makes you beautiful.

Feel the pain until it hurts no more. Embrace your journey and learn to forgive yourself, for tomorrow is another day and a time to write a beautiful story. Don’t get too sad that you forget how amazing your life is. Don’t be consumed by your emotions so much that you don’t realize what it’s like to be part of something meaningful and bigger than yourself. My dear, life isn’t always about you. There are people who’ll fight for you and will be more than willing to be part of your world. Please, stop building walls and shutting them out of your life. You’ll need them and they will need you too.

To you who has a troubled heart, I know that you have had your fair share of emptiness, rejection, and brokenness, but we are still waiting for you. We’ll be here until you’re okay.

We’ll be on your side until you find yourself again.

We’ll never get tired of reminding you that you are loved, blessed, and appreciated. We don’t expect you to be fine soon but we’ll be here while you are mending. You can always lean on us for we, the people who truly love you, believe that no one should ever dull your spark – not even yourself.