Read This At 3 AM When You’re Suffering From Insomnia



This happens every night. Remember that the world is not ending and you are not dying and everything will be okay once you wake up. Remember that even if you want to, texting that guy will just make you feel beat down when you wake up and he hasn’t responded. Remember that you are young but you are also more vulnerable than you would care to admit. Remember to breathe.

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and this feeling is inevitable, yet somehow every time it surrounds you, you are surprised. This is normal. You have an anxiety disorder. Your stomach feels like it is going to crawl out of your throat but that is okay, because it won’t. This is part of being human, and everybody feels this way.

Try and live in the present, because you know that thinking about the future will freak you out. But don’t live too much in the present because then you’ll end up freaking out about college, your lack of relationships, everything you have to do.


Don’t think about how everyone will think you are crazy if you tell them what goes on in your mind. They might think you’re crazy, but embrace the chaos. It is what makes you persevere through everything. Don’t think about that guy. The one that you can’t get out of your mind, even though it’s been years since you were close. Months since you’ve properly talked. Texting him will not stop the anxiety or the neurosis.


Count down.

Try to trick yourself into sleeping.

The world is not ending.