;Please no Advil; I donsen’t want to be of avail


reading the conversation logs. i don’t have ever enough memorabilia to soak the void full; absenti need a body to make the morning okay, the morning dawns a thousand times and exchange with mego is infinite sometimes you have to just to feel, of courseĀ i amĀ asleep and doing this every six hours: holds no reward, but that sensation of sensation: following (ithelack) and still i soak in dirty sheets in my humid cell: of course not asleep

the tears are constipated and look at me here searching the cabinet for some other drugs than these here and conversations lying naked on the floor with myself are of no consequence: throwing down, will i ever break this cycle? e*&(89very night when i wake up i got headaches; Please no advil i donsen’t want to be of avail