Please Do Not Love Quietly


I refuse to live my life terrified of looking desperate.

We live in a world that says that you should wait to call someone when they give you their phone number so you don’t look too desperate. That you shouldn’t text back too fast because you might seem too eager. I call bullshit on this notion.

If you have found a person that you think is magic, a person you don’t want to live without, a person who makes your life better and brighter- tell them.

My favorite feeling in the world is telling people that are in my life that I think they are wonderful, that I am glad they exist, that I need them, that I miss them, that I love them. I am more afraid of loving quietly, to have people silently wondering my feelings, than I am to look desperate.

We never really know how long we have on this earth. It is nice to make plans and to dream as if we will live forever, but the honest truth of it is that we never really know how long we have. I could be driving home tomorrow and someone could run a red light, and that could be it. I could leave behind all the people who I love, and leave them wondering how I really felt. While I would like to think I have a lot of time, decades and decades ahead of me, the truth is nobody really knows.

I am not about to waste whatever time that I have on this earth being too cool to care.

I don’t want anyone to love me quietly. I want love that loves back, and loves back without hesitation. Love that is daringly, wonderfully, beautifully bold. Because love is desperate. The love we all so desperately desire is a love that is not shy, a love that is loud and alive.

So why are we all so scared of looking like we care? The inner workings of our hearts was never meant to be taboo.

Real love, the kind of love that I want in my life, it doesn’t let you walk through life unsure. Real love is the love that cannot be silent. It cannot be denied. Real love is not scared of looking silly, of being vulnerable, of being honest. The next time you are wondering if you should send that text, or utter those three little words, or to show up with your heart in your hand, stop wondering. Stop overthinking. Do it. Let your love be loud.

Please be risky. Put your heart on the line. Be straightforward. Be bold and brave and share the love you have with the ones who deserve to know. Please do not love quietly.